My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, Wallflowers + More to Play Times Square for Free


The CBGB Music & Film Festival is set to kick off on October 8, and, like last year’s inaugural fest, it’s giant–hundreds of acts, 100 films, and 125 speakers sprawled out over 175 venues and six days. There will be panel discussions too. (More info here.) And, just like last year, one of the biggest shows of the fest is happening right in the middle of Times Square. FOR FREE.

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The Times Square show will be held on Saturday, October 12th, and features music being performed on Broadway from multiple outdoor stages while (are you sitting?) interactive installations like a music equipment expo, a skateboard half-pipe, rock climbing, a record fair, a silent disco and dozens of other attractions will fill the tourist Mecca to entertain people of all ages.

My Morning Jacket, the Wallflowers, Grizzly Bear, and Divine Fits will headline the main Times Square stage, and the CBGB Fest proper will feature a special DJ set by James Murphy (DFA / LCD Soundsystem), as well as sets by acts like Meat Puppets, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Atlas Genius, Bell X1, Lisa Loeb, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr., Je, Hani El Khatib, Kid Kamillion, Dirty Finger and hundreds more.

There are a number of ways to participate in the CBGB Festival. There are a limited number of tickets available to attend the Red Carpet Premiere of CBGB The Movie at the Landmark Theater on Tuesday, October 8th. Tickets and badges for the CBGB The Movie Red Carpet Premiere Experience and three additional different tiers of festival access are available on the CBGB website (linked above).The CBGB VIP Platinum Badge is available through Ticketmaster, even though that sentence is the least CBGB type thing ever written.

Anyway, see you in Times Square on October 12th. Meet us afterward on the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us, where we’ll be snorting pixie sticks. Cuz PUNK’S NOT DEAD.

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