Win Tickets to See Dita Von Teese Strip (Strip Hooray! Tour)


Some info gathered from last week’s Dita Von Teese Q&A we ran: 1) She has a personal corset trainer. 2) She’s abandoned her quest to have the world’s smallest waist. 3) As such, she’s no longer “lacing,” a painful practice we won’t describe here because even thinking about it makes it hard for us to breathe. 4) Dita Von Teese is very serious about her craft. It’s why she’s the best at what she does. And what she does is look like a next level Glamor Queen Pin Up. She’s in town tonight to start a five day run of her Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray! tour at Gramercy Theatre. And, you guessed it, we’ve got tickets. Want ’em? Step right this way…

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We have tickets to Dita’s October 1 show at Gramercy. Here’s all you have to do to win them.

1) Be a functioning adult human in the year 2013. That means, of course, having a Twitter account. You’ll need to follow us @soundofthecity, but you should be doing that already.

2) To win the tickets just @ us “STRIP FOR ME, DITA VON T!” and we’ll pull the lucky winner from our messages. We’ll notify the winner via DM. (Which is why you need to follow us.

3) No step 3. That’s it. Tweet @ us and we’ll notify the winner tomorrow.