Bloomberg: Looming Government Shutdown an Embarrassment


While everyone in Washington is running around with their hair on fire over the looming government shutdown, New Yorkers might want to worry about it a little themselves.

So suggested Mayor Bloomberg Monday, saying a shutdown would make the U.S. look like a third-world country, and adding that could eventually cause problems in the operations of city agencies. “At the beginning, it really doesn’t hurt us,” he said. “It is as you go into the process and people stop getting checks and services slowly get wound down–yes, if it lasted a long time.”

Bloomberg went on to slam the atmosphere in D.C. “This is just plain and simple politics,” he said. “The essence of democracy is everybody comes together. Let’s work together. Working together doesn’t mean you get 100 percent and the other guy gets nothing. It means you both get reasonable. And that’s not what’s happening in Washington.”

“The Senate and the House have to come together and stop this,” he said. “This is going to be devastating to all of Washington. It’s devastating to this country in terms of we look like a third world country. It’s going to hurt our economy. It leaves businesses up in the air in terms of making investments. If you try to write a book or a novel or make a movie about this, nobody would believe it.”