Nothing Left to Fear: A Bore-By-Numbers Horror Flick


When a family is as generic as the Bramfords, you get a little antsy waiting for them to be killed off one by one. Nothing Left to Fear—a by-the-numbers chiller produced by Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash—opens with a minister’s family moving to the creepy, boring little town of Stull, Kansas. One of the daughters (Jennifer Stone) is soon marked for death (or worse) because she chooses the wrong slice of a ludicrously menacing cake. Her older sister (Rebekah Brandes) seems taken with a local boy (Ethan Peck, long on muscle but short on charisma), who always seems this close to telling her a dark secret. Said secret involves Pastor Kingsman (Clancy Brown), the town’s sinister former parson who’s taking his retirement in town, like a Podunk Pope Benedict. It’s all agonizingly slow build-up to one of the girls getting possessed by an ancient evil (symptoms: inky CG tendrils and severe Ringu-face). Constant crosscuts give the impression that nobody involved could make it through a full scene without nodding off. Even a last-ditch flight from town seems to go in slow motion, with a pickup truck gliding past houses at the residential speed limit. Any sensible person would gun it right out of the theater.