New Brooklyn Heat Map Shows The Borough’s Greenest Places to Live


Last week Runnin’ Scared reported that Rentenna, a housing market social media startup, released a “green heat map”, a visual guide to rental units’ proximity to farmer’s markets, parks, and tree-lined streets. But that was just for Manhattan; the Brooklyn and Queens versions were still in the works. Sooner than expected, Rentenna has released the Brooklyn heatmap, showing exactly where in the borough potential renters might settle if access to green space and fresh produce are important to them.

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Like the Manhattan map, the Brooklyn version bears few surprises. Just about the only places in the borough without some degree of access to parks and farmer’s markets are Coney Island and East New York. Most of the farmers’ markets are crowded closer to Manhattan. And flush neighborhoods like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights are predictably more verdant than the others.

Rentenna initially planned on the release of the new map to take a few weeks. Instead, due to the popularity of the tool on their website, they turned out the Brooklyn version as soon as possible.

“[F]rom the demand we created the [Brooklyn] version as quickly as we could!” wrote Rentenna co-founder in an email to Runnin’ Scared.

No word yet on when will we see Queens or the Bronx.

What about the greenest places in Manhattan? Find out on the next page.

Here’s Manhattan’s green heat map.