Five Reasons Andrew W.K. Makes the World a Better Place


This Saturday, Andrew W.K. is going to be handling vocal duties for Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg at Irving Plaza. Now, we know a lot of people can’t figure this guy out. Is he a motivational speaker? Musician? TV presenter? Maybe he should just pick one profession and stick to it. Then again, maybe he should just keep doing what he’s been doing: rolling through life in an entirely haphazard manner, guided only by an overwhelming sense of positivity and a borderline-insane level of enthusiasm. Here are five reasons the world is a better place with Andrew W.K. in it.

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1. Dude Says Yes to Absolutely Everything
Back in early 2003, we knew Andrew W.K. only as the head-banging, bloody-nosed, hard-partying hesher with an aversion to doing laundry. That was until MTV had the bright idea of sending Andrew to stay in a dorm at North Carolina Central University with a group of young, African American ladies. Having said “Yes” to the original (totally surreal) premise, W.K. then went about saying “Yes” to absolutely everything thrown his way, from getting cornrows and dancing to gospel music at slumber parties, to playing drums with a marching band at a football game and–gasp!–actually washing. The culture clash was glorious on a number of levels, but the thing that truly made Crashing With Andrew W.K memorable was the fact that he approached everything with such complete openness and joy, it literally gave us hope for humanity.

2. If You Need Him in a Pinch, He’ll Probably Be There
At the end of 2008, a 24-year-old singer named Dominic Owen Mallory died from a blood clot shortly after playing a show with his band in Boston. Remembering the young man’s desire to have Andrew W.K. play at his funeral, Mallory’s friends wrote to AWK’s management. “This is important to us, as it was important to the greatest, most inspiring friend we’ve ever had, and we will follow this request through as hard as we possibly can, because when it’s time to party, we will always party hard,” they wrote. Andrew immediately cleared his schedule, traveled to Massachusetts and, mindful of avoiding
“anything that we feel could possibly be inappropriate,” played classical piano throughout the memorial. Now that, everybody, is how to be a Good Guy.

3. His Level of Sincerity is Mind-Blowing
In keeping with Andrew W.K.’s habit of saying yes to absolutely everything, last year the singer decided to join the panel of Canterlot Gardens–a My Little Pony conference. While there, he didn’t just treat the Pony-enthusiasts with the utmost respect, he took the entire thing extraordinarily seriously, describing it as “one of the most intense experiences of my entire life” that was going to “make the whole world even better.” He also talked of the toy-collecting event in a manner so emotional, it sounded more like he had been taken in by a tribe from the Andes who hadn’t had outside human contact in decades. “I’m here with the hopes that I will learn more,” he said. “Again, I am humbled and very moved.” And we, sir, are moved by your insane ability to genuinely give a shit.

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4. He Actually Believes He Can Solve World Problems
In late 2012, Andrew W.K. announced that he had been invited by the State Department to be a U.S. cultural ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain–a group of islands fraught with political clashes and civil uprisings. Remarkably, W.K. wasn’t kidding. Shortly after his announcement, the State Department canceled their invitation and told the media they had made “a mistake.” Andrew was super-bummed momentarily, but fought the disappointment with an announcement on his website: “I would’ve done a great job and represented our nation with dignity and pride,” he wrote. “Despite all these challenges, I still would love to go and I vow to continue partying, and working everyday to to unite our human race through the power of positive partying.”


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