A Woman Sues New York City After She Was Arrested for Going Topless in a Brooklyn Park


Despite the February memo telling NYPD officers not to arrest topless women, some cops seem not have gotten it. Jessica Krigsman is suing the city over her arrest for going topless at a Brooklyn Park last summer, even though the practice is legal in New York City.

The suit relates to a July 2012 arrest in Gravesend’s Calvert Vaux Park, when Krigsman was approached by two NYPD officers who asked that she put her shirt back on.

Krigsman refused, citing the 1992 appellate court ruling that made it legal for women to go topless in public spaces in New York City.

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One officer told Krigsman to “stop mouthing off.” When Krigsman refused, one officer (it’s unclear if its the same one) tried forcefully pull Krigsman’s shirt back one while handcuffing her, alleges the suit. Krigsman has not responded to Runnin’ Scared’s request for comment.

The charges against Krigsman were dropped that October. But now the city might ~*~*~*lose its shirt*~*~*~ over Krigsman’s suit, filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Monday, which alleges civil rights violations, malicious prosecution, assault, and battery.

Krigsman’s Facebook is full of photos of her topless in places, as is her right as a New Yorker. And Runnin’ Scared certainly salutes her body positivity. But, uh, maybe Krigsman should check Facebook’s terms of use?



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