Wojciech Braszczok, Cop Busted in Biker Beatdown, Wasn’t Undercover on the Internet [UPDATE]


Update: After the publication of this post, someone removed much of the information and many of the pictures from Braszczok’s profiles and accounts. This occurred overnight.

On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Post published a story chock full of details about Detective Wojciech Braszczok, the off-duty NYPD officer who was arraigned earlier that day on riot and criminal mischief charges.

But the October 9 Post story barely scratches the surface of the information Braszczok has apparently posted online: in a dating-site profile, on Twitter, via a Photobucket account–full of both shirtless selfies of himself and shots of nearly naked women–and on message boards.

Braszczok–who, according to other emerging news reports, also appears to have been working undercover at Occupy Wall Street–is ALL OVER the Internet.

His trail isn’t hard to follow: You just look for the mohawk-topped fellow who goes by the handle “evovillen.”

When not working for the NYPD or allegedly smashing a Range Rover window while tooling around with a pack of biker buddies, Braszczok’s hobbies appear to include posting photos of scantily clad women to Photobucket and photos of cars and motorcycles to message boards, and endeavoring to pick up ladies on

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On his Singlesbee profile, “Evovillen” describes himself as 6’1″, athletic, attractive, Catholic, with “some college” education, unmarried with one or more children who do not live with him. He never smokes, but drinks occasionally.

He says he’s interested in slender, athletic, or average “girls” aged 18 to 34 who live within 20 miles of Ridgewood. (No smokers, please. “Occasional” drinkers OK.)

If that’s not specific enough, web surfers can divine the kind of “girl” he likes by taking a spin through his Photobucket, where he has posted many, many photos of scantily clad women.

Another passion? Cars! Here’s Evovillen’s tricked-out Mitsubishi Evolution, as posted to a forum. He posts under the same username on motorcycle forums too, including one dedicated to the Yamaha R1 motorcycle like the one he looks to have been riding the day members of the Hollywood Stuntz motorcycle club put Alexian Lien in the hospital.

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Next: Since his arrest, several Occupy Wall Street activists have identified Braszczok as an ostensible fellow traveler.

A Twitter account registered under the handle @evovillen and featuring a photo of a mohawked man who bears a striking resemblance to Wojiech Braszczok, includes tweets about Occupy that date back to the spring and fall 2012. (The account appears to have been inactive during the Zuccotti Park occupation itself.)

Today, former Occupiers combed their photo libraries for traces of Braszczok–including this one, reportedly from the October 13, 2012 Day of Global Noise in Columbus Circle…

…And this one, reportedly from Occupy’s second anniversary.

One Occupy activist with whom Evovillen exchanged tweets has posted that he went by the name “Al”–which happens to be the name Evovillen goes by on Soundcloud.

Though he worked undercover, Braszczok does not appear to have tried very hard to hide his day job. At about the same time he was putting out calls for Occupy on Twitter, Evovillen tweeted a photo of an NYPD chopper with the caption “Our own helicopter.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 9, 2013

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