Caprices by Sophie Bakes Up Hard to Find Sweets


Though the macaron, cupcake, and cronut have been front and center in the sweets scene in recent years, a new bakery in Williamsburg is offering a change of pastry whenever you’re charged with bringing dessert. Caprices by Sophie (138 North Sixth Street), a bakery headed up by former lawyer and financial professional Sophie Jaeger, just opened on North Sixth Street with inventive treats.

If the spot feels particularly homey, it might be because its previous tenant used it as a first floor apartment. With the amount of foot traffic the busy strip sees throughout the day, though, it was only a matter of time before the space was transformed into a storefront. And once Jaeger noticed the apartment included a backyard garden, she jumped on the lease.

The Parisian transplant moved to Williamsburg when she first came to live in New York, and she was ready to direct her career in a field she loved: baking. Drawing inspiration from her grandmother, Jaeger put together plans for a cream puff shop. But thinking about that backyard garden–and realizing people might want to linger over a treat–she expanded her roster to offer different takes on her favorite Parisian bakery items like eclairs and meringues. She worked on fine-tuning her recipes for the glass case, not stopping until each dessert was perfect. “At some point, you say I love it,” she reflects.

Jaeger has no formal pastry training, and she tweaked her recipes through trial and error. Sensitive to the needs of the eclectic neighborhood, she’s conscious about using local ingredients, and she offers vegan and gluten-free options. “It’s always important to have a cake you can relate to,” she professes.

Pair your treat with a cup of La Colombe coffee, or stop in for a small selection of lunch items including quiche, soup, and salads. Plans to expand that list to include sandwiches are in the works. And if you’re already thinking about holiday parties, take note: The bakery is also baking custom-order cakes for any occasion.