Some Guys Are Charging Spectators to Look at Banksy’s Beaver


A couple of enterprising members of the East New York community have found a way to turn a quick profit on Banksy’s beaver. They’ve set up a pay-to-gawk scheme at 274 Bradford Street, in which one guy hassles spectators for money, while the other guy covers up the beaver with cardboard until the viewer coughs up the cash.

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We don’t know how much they’re charging in the scam, but a video of the set-up surfaced on Instagram showing people paying for the privilege to snap a few photos of the tiny black-and-white beaver:

Poor Banksy. Earlier this week he told Village Voice reporter Keegan Hamilton that “financial reimbursement [is] a badge of self-serving mediocrity.” Never mind the cultural ramifications of monetizing street art. Runnin’ Scared says this latest ruse to squeeze money out of a Banksy artwork is more a badge of self-serving cojones.

They’re charging $20 a pop!

274 Bradford Street near Pitkin Avenue, East New York, Brooklyn.

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