Tyler, the Creator Advocates Self-Led Government Coup in “Tamale!” Music Video


The government of the United States of America has been shut down for two weeks. Tyler’s “Tamale” music video proposes a solution to the outage by taking advantage of the situation and waging a coup.

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Straight out of the gate, Tyler wants us to know his idea of a government coup does not revolve around one leader, it revolves around three* (*versions of himself). One of the faces in this Unholy Trinity is silenced. This face represents us, the American people. But the other two Tyler’s are violently vocal. These faces represent Tyler, the Creator and whichever schizophrenic version of himself he has summoned to take control of the United States.

No one knows what footage Tyler was forced to blur out of “Tamale,” or why he couldn’t have hired the video editor of “Blurred Lines” to salvage this part of the video. Whatever the case, the point is clear–Tyler is not happy with America.

His unhappiness is so severe he cannot fully enjoy bouncing up-and-down on the ass of video vixen Bria Myles.

Tyler makes a jab at the big wigs in Washington by massacring golf. Instead of playing the game, he dresses in bright yellow pajamas and performs feats of parkour on the grass and the golf cart. Spit drips from his mouth, his limbs spread far and wide, and his eyes do not blink once as Tyler shows us in a seemingly-crack-addled display that he isn’t scared of toppling existing structures, and we should not waver in standing behind him.

One of the major issues Tyler would settle during a power coup would be the ability to freely experiment with stem-cell research! If executed correctly, we could very-soon be living in a world populated by giant ginger cats with giant ginger balls and 1 – 3 physical incarnates of Tyler the Creator’s schizophrenia all riding merrily along down main street–like Clifford, but better.

Tyler finishes “Tamale” by rap-urbating in his room to the book HOMOPHOBIA BEANS MISOGYNY BAD 666 GIMIC. This giant book–mostly filled with equally-giant pink tissue paper and blunt wraps–is Tyler’s manifesto. Sadly, however, his ideology remains a mystery and will never be featured in Oprah’s Book Club due to the liquid damage sustained during the shooting of “Tamale.”

The video officially ends by transitioning out into a whole new song altogether–“Answer”–which features a lifeless indie band fronted by Pharrell and Odd Future token whitey Lucas Vercetti and Tyler The Creator lazily sitting on a couch talking shit about his dad. The magic of the coup is over as Tyler turns the mirror on us, his audience, and tells us that if we want some of the kick-ass, highly-saturated, mutant-cat future he presented in “Tamale,” we may just need to get up off of our own asses, too.

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