“Better Out Than In” Day 15: A Remembrance of the Twin Towers in Tribeca [UPDATE]


Despite yesterday’s rumor that the next piece would be on the Upper East Side and this morning’s little misdirection in Morningside Heights, today’s Banksy can be found in Tribeca, according to Banksy’s Instagram.

Update: We found it!

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His homepage lists the location as “Tribecca.” Whoopsies. It gives no information on the piece’s whereabouts than the Instagram.

But who really needs him to explain exactly what we’re seeing here? It is a singed chrysanthemum growing through a cracked silhouette of one of the towers. It’s a sincere gesture, and we thank him for it, even if it is a tad on the sentimental side.

It could also be a polemic of some sort; is there some play he’s making on the meanings of America’s wars? Is his tendency to poke fun at political mythology at work here? We can’t say, and frankly: Chill out.

We also can’t say if the stencil is intended to accompany the billboard campaign in Times Square calling for an “independent investigation” into whether WTC Building 7 (and the twin towers) were downed by “controlled demolition.” But hey, what fun would “Better Out Than In” be if it we couldn’t make zany claims about the intentions of someone whose face we’ve never seen?

More images of the stencil and a map showing its location on the next page.

At the corner of Staple and Jay streets in Tribec(c)a.

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