Readers Find Bread Ties in Food, Cigarettes in Beer


Yesterday, Zachary Feldman reported that teen chef Greg Grossman took to Facebook to complain about a piece of glass he found in his food at a recent soft opening of a popular Chinese restaurant, and Joe Dobias promptly took him to task for posting his woes on social media rather than discussing the incident with the restaurant directly.

The incident got us wondering, though, what’s the strangest thing that’s ever accidentally been served in a plate of food?

A couple of readers weighed in with strange experiences.

Says Daniel Elliott:

A bread tie.

And over on the Fork in the Road Facebook page, John Neilson has a truly baffling experience when popping open a cold one.

Thumb-sized waterbug in the cabbage side dish at an Indian restaurant.

I found half a dozen cigarettes in an unopened bottle of beer once, does that count?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in a dish? Weigh in over in the comments on the story about Grossman.