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Best 24-hour Ceramics


It’s 4 a.m. You’re all alone. You can’t sleep. You’ve got the urge. There’s no shame. We know what you’re thinking: pottery. Local clay maven Nadeige Choplet has made her craft accessible at any time of the day or night with her Williamsburg Ceramic Center, which offers sculptors 20 wheels, five kilns, and one magnificently peaceful outdoor garden in which to work. Studio rental at the associated Choplet Ceramic Studio is a bargain $15 per hour for walk-ins or $220–$600 per month for the 24-hour access package. For amateurs, a number of classes and workshops are available. The five-week adult course provides instruction on the nuances of the art form. But we like the “Sip & Spin” for its B.Y.O. beer and wine policy—the one time when it’s OK to be drunk behind the wheel. Choplet’s gallery hosts a rotating display by guest artists for inspiration before a session.