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Best Brooklyn Dive


We know you love, love, love the Turkey’s Nest Tavern, which sells gallons of cheap suds in giant Styrofoam cups. You can have it. It’s too crowded and full of youngs, and, eventually, cops are going to bust it when they catch on to all you dunces sneaking your booze across the street to McCarren Park. Nearby Capri Social Club is where you’ll find us. It’s empty. It’s cheap. No one who drinks there on the regular is less than 100 years old. In other words, it’s beautiful. Very welcoming, and open to all despite what the name may lead you to believe. Owner Irene is as nice as they come too, and her “club” can’t be beat. Or, as one of its nine reviews on Yelp says, “Best place in Greenpoint to get an afternoon drink when youre [sic] girlfriend tells you she needs to get off the pill because it [sic] ‘suppressing her artistic intellect.'”

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