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There aren’t many cuisines more conducive to sharing a multitude of dishes than Ethiopian, and Brooklyn’s Ghenet makes it particularly easy to order a family-style feast for the whole table: Order the Ghenet combination for four people, and you’ll taste half of the meat-based stews and all of the vegetarian options on the menu for about $15 per person. The kitchen laces its lentil stews and lamb tibs with plenty of heat, which is tempered by the sour note of the spongy injera bread it’s served with. You’ll get to choose your dishes when you order the combination, but don’t miss the doro wett, a rust-colored stew laced with the heat and earth unique to Ethiopian spice blend berbere that bobs with tender hunks of dark-meat chicken (often a drumstick) and a hard-boiled egg.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 16, 2013

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