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At some point in the past decade, paper became a feisty underdog to its digital counterpart, an unthinkable notion when the Sunday editions approached the thickness of a phonebook. This shift makes a delightful little boutique like Greenwich Letterpress such a welcome sight. Its slogan—”supplying NYC with paper goodness since 2005″—encapsulates all the charm of this pastel oasis that’s full of wedding invitations and all manner of greeting cards and gifts, created and curated by sisters Amy Swanson and Beth Salvini. It offers a thoughtful way to send a greeting that won’t get stuck in somebody’s spam filter. And if you’re looking for an especially cathartic way to destroy a message (when simply deleting it in Gmail just won’t do), buy a book of their matchbooks that bear the message, “You can delete an e-mail, but you can burn a letter.”

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