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If there are no longer enough specialty boutiques and tapas bars in Williamsburg, where can the hip individual rid himself of all that disposable income? Gambling, of course. The 119-year-old Aqueduct Racetrack has not only been utilized for rabid betting and pony-baiting, but also as an especially cheeky way to spend ma and pa’s cash. The influx of new, young, ironically minded patrons might have something to do with the track’s recent addition of a multilevel full-scale casino, replete with fancied-up dining options, slots, and table dealers. But more likely it’s that the Aqueduct, maybe due to its sheer age, hasn’t lost its comforting element of nostalgia—the atmosphere is still rife with the deliciously sordid excitement of cigar-smoking, ticket-clenching, good ol’ New York track-betting that just begs to be glamorized, animal rights issues and gambling addictions aside. And admission is free, so, hey, you’re saving dough there, right?