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Best New York Met


Mets fans have gotten used to having their hearts broken, so when Matt Harvey strode onto the pitcher’s mound at CitiField for the first time last year, they steeled themselves against him. He had the best start of any Mets pitcher and threw fastballs that broke 100 miles per hour, and still fans looked away when his face flickered across the Jumbotron, afraid of lingering too long on those deep green eyes. But the jig was up when ESPN’s Body Issue with its Harvey pictorial came out: The man has a body that looks carved not out of stone but pure butter, like a glistening attraction at a Midwestern state fair. He started in the All-Star game at CitiField in July, so it was no surprise when, in August, he was banished to the disabled list with a torn ligament in his elbow. This is why Mets fans can’t have nice things.