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He’s arrogant, he’s old, he doesn’t play on artificial turf. When you’re Thierry Henry, the Arsenal legend who now roves the midfield and left wing for New York Red Bulls, you can do what you want, because as the song goes, he scores when he wants. At 36, Henry is approaching the end of his career, but his first touch, passing, and finishing ability are still jaw-dropping when compared to his Major League Soccer counterparts. While the Red Bulls have other stars on the pitch, “Thierry Henry” is still the answer you’ll hear if you ask supporters on the PATH why they’re going to Red Bull Arena. He’s won league titles in every league in which he’s played, and continues to give hope to championship-less Metrostars-turned-Red Bulls fans. Need more proof? Google “Henry bicycle kick 2013” to see a flash of his former greatness.