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Best Ping-Pong


On any given night, you can walk past the front window of this table tennis establishment and catch an all-out smackdown between a hipster and a Hasid while a trio of cigar-smoking men play Spanish guitar in lawn chairs outside. Call PIPS Williamsburg’s rec room, the great unifier in an otherwise increasingly divided neighborhood. From six until midnight every evening, pros and dabblers alike can drop in for a game on one of the lounge’s three tables with a pay-what-you-wish donation policy. The cozy room also functions as an art space, displaying a rotating collection of local work, and hosts regular tournaments. In our experience, no one gets huffy when a half-tipsy twentysomething in impractical footwear stumbles in for a match with little knowledge of Ping-Pong’s actual rules, making this a great post-dinner date spot. But if you’re serious about improving your game, the laid-back staff teaches classes at $60 a pop.