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Upon launching her Prince Street bookstore in 2004, Sarah McNally said her motivation was to “make reading more alluring.” This April, she worked that same magic on the art of writing. Cupboards of supplies and pristinely arranged sample desktops display the esoteric but irresistibly romantic tools of the trade at Soho’s new McNally Jackson Store, purveyor of “goods for the study.” Everything in this small but charming shop compels visitors to sit and muse. Artisanal pencils, charcoal, notebooks, and portfolios tempt the inner scribe. The handmade leather pencil cases for around $50 are beautifully crafted and gift-ready. On the more exorbitant side, the $3,000 vintage desks are exquisite, if only the stuff of dreams. Soft lighting and a roster of non-pushy shopkeepers invite a lengthy browse and maybe a splurge in the name of craftsmanship or proper correspondence. Be prepared to want to leave your gadgets behind.