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NYU students of the Lululemon aesthetic may dominate the St. Mark’s flagship, but this branch of Greg Gumucio’s egalitarian yoga empire attracts a more diverse crowd. Yoga to the People Brooklyn features a large, airy room with matte wood floors, hanging plants, and windows through which the spires of the Greek Orthodox church across the street are visible, resulting in a pleasant feeling that you are somewhere much farther away than Williamsburg. Most exciting of all—due to either the large classroom size or the discreet side entrance—students are often able to extend all four limbs without hitting one another, which, as any New York yogi will tell you, is positively luxurious. Locker rooms eliminate long bathroom and changing lines, and the showers are pristine. The studio is entirely community-supported, as are all in this chain, and offers YTTP’s signature Power Vinyasa by donation, as well as Traditional Hot Yoga for a bargain $8.