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Best Zumba Instructor Who Doubles as a Comedic Healer


One of the first things that Lisa Tawil asks when she enters a class is, “Who’s gotten divorced, married, broken up with?” It’s not that she wants to know your business; she just likes to know people’s mindset before she starts. See, besides making you sweat, her main objective is to make you feel good. A reincarnation of a Solid Gold dancer, Tawil sings along to every song as though it were her last—and she has the voice to back it up. Her routines are fun, over the top, and sometimes even scandalous (she had her students twerking way before Miley Cyrus tried it). And if you can’t keep up, she’ll get in your face and show you how it’s done. Before long, you’ll have the moves down so well she’ll be using you as an example at the head of the class.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 16, 2013

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