@SignOfBanksy Twitter Put the Stolen “Graffiti Is a Crime” Sign Next to Banksy’s Work


Remember, back at the beginning of the month, when Banksy’s first piece in Better Out Than In surfaced, only to be defaced later that afternoon? Precisely speaking, the “Graffiti Is a Crime” sign was pilfered off the stencil not six hours after the stencil was discovered? Yeah. The guy/lady/possible villain who has it has been posting photos of it his/her Twitter and Instagram feeds

@SignOfBanksy has been updating a Twitter and an Instagram with photos of the sign in various locations around the city, sometimes beside other Banksy works, sometimes not. We’ve collected some of this dastardly genius’s best photos. Presented without comment, here’s how the Sign of Banksy has kept busy since the beginning of the month.

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The Sign of Banksy winds up by the New York Times building and makes a stop at the doomed 5 Pointz.

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