The Best Indie and Alt Comedy Shows This Week – 10/16/2013


The tech world and the joke world come together this week, like a remake of The Social Network with a DVD commentary track of fart noises. Social sharing mecca Reddit hosts its regular standup show Wednesday, TED talk-inspired goof “Slideshow” is on Saturday, and the app-powered comedy night “Crowd Sourced” hits Monday. So get out there, nerds: grab your Google Glass, sit in front and give a comedian the gift of riffing about your silly face-wear.

Wednesday, October 16th

The Creek and the Cave, 10 p.m. Free.
Social sharing mega-site Reddit (aka “The Front Page of the Internet”) hosts its very own independent comedy show every month, where the city’s proud web nerds meet its shameful comedy nerds. So the caliber of jokes will be dark, cutting–and above all, very funny. The hilarious Tony Deyo headlines, along with Letterman writer Kevin McCaffrey, Danny Cruz, Jarret Berenstein and more.

Thursday, October 17th

UCBT NY Variety Hour Showcase
UCBeast, 7.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. $5.
The Upright Citizens Brigade deserves a fruit basket from all of show-business for hosting these variety shows showcasing top talent for industry, agents, and lucky audience members like you. Hosted by new SNL cast member John Milhiser, Matt Fisher (of improv legends The Law Firm), tonight features the very best up and coming character, stand-up, and sketch comedy in the city. Don Fanelli (featured above) may even participate in another slap contest.

Friday, October 18th

Uncorked Comedy
City Winery, 11 p.m. $8.
A relaxed, yet perfectly formed late-night stand-up show you can plan a night around. Letterman alumnus Adam Newman anchors a show, supported by Meghan Hanley, Nick Turner, Lafayette Wright and more.

Saturday, October 19th

Slideshow: Ideas Worth Mocking
The Paradise Factory, 8 p.m. Free.
The TED Talk and the stand-up set: two entertainment genre twins that could have been separated at birth. Slideshow reunites them. Raj Sivaraman hosts this educational comedy show where performers give presentations on topics related to a theme. This month? FEAR.

Monday, October 20th

Crowd Sourced
The Creek and the Cave, 9.30 p.m. Free.
Can’t watch anything without sneaking glances at your smartphone? Well, this show REQUIRES it. Brilliant comics like Nick Vatterott and Jared Logan perform improvised standup based on pictures they’ve never seen before. The hook? The crowd chooses the picture each comic makes fun of, using a free app they can download at the show (or ahead of time, here). You can also submit your own photos ahead of time (dick pics and all). Hosted by Forrest Haigh and probably attended by the ghost of Steve Jobs.

Game Night
Spike Hill, 7.30 p.m. Free.
Transplanted L.A. comic Brooks Wheelan is pretty new to New York, and he’s doing standup shows like Game Night as much as the day job allows (that day job being a cast member on SNL). His parents must be thrilled he finally has something to fall back on.

Tom Cowell is a comedian.

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