Readers Weigh in on the 10 Best Pizzas in NYC


Is there any food New Yorkers are more passionate about than pizza? We kind of doubt it. This iconic staple incites spirited debate among friends over which parlor serves the best slice, what shop is worth the train ride, and which places should be skipped except in the most desperate (drunken) situations. And even suggesting that we aren’t the standard-bearers when it comes to pies is enough to set off a litany of loud complaints from residents all over the city.

So we expected readers to come forward with opinions on Zachary Feldman’s list of the 10 best pizzas in NYC–and we weren’t disappointed.

Says Clarissa Fulgieri:

ahh is this guy a native?? left out WAY better pizza like New Park in Queens or L&B’s in BK!

Julian Lorber thought one of Feldman’s picks was unfounded:

robertas is hype, paulie gees is 10x better

Feldman included Paulie Gees, too, by the way–it came in at number seven, while Roberta’s was the fifth-ranked spot.

Paw1 had a bad experience at a famous parlor:

re: John’s of Bleecker…”heavily charcoal-kissed crust” = burned the shit out of my pie.

And for Adam Zucker, you have to travel outside of the city limits to get the best pies:

I’m a born and raised New Yorker who loves pizza (and there is an abundance of phenomenal NY pies) but I have to say that New Haven tomato pies are my favorite. Modern Apizza and Sally’s has some of the best pies I have tasted on the East Coast.

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