Boss’s Stars Exude Superhuman Levels of Charm


Boss is that rare Bollywood action film whose stars are worthy of the pedestal they’re put on. Akshay Kumar (Special 26, Khakee) plays the title hero, a badass so miraculously macho that his sweat actually makes plants blossom. He meets his match in Ayushman Thakur (Shootout at Wadala‘s Ronit Roy), a crooked Delhi cop who threatens Boss’s estranged brother (Shiv Pandit) and father. Kumar and Roy’s characters are sketched out so broadly that they’re practically embodiments of virtue and vice. Still, these extreme traits don’t seem so extreme when they’re personified by Kumar and Roy, actors who exude Schwarzenegger/Stallone levels of charm. The extent of Thakur’s wickedness is sometimes unbelievable, as when he gives a loaded gun to a minor to quiet him down, and Boss’s humanizing love for his father is even more incredible, especially during the number where a singer speaks for Boss: “Your father is your God.” Still, Boss is goofy fun. The action scenes are mostly well-choreographed, and their use of slow-motion is complemented by some wonderful wide-angle photography. Even the film’s concluding, slow-mo-intensive fight is spectacular, if only because it gives Kumar and Roy more opportunities to be superhumanly charming.