More Brutal Footage of the Hollywood Stuntz Motorcycle Beatdown Emerges [VIDEO]


Good news, everyone! If watching six minutes of men on motorcycles chase down an SUV with a young family in it wasn’t terrifying enough for you, then feast your eyes on some bonus footage from the attack that left 33-year-old Alexian Lien badly beaten and an entire city of motorists emotionally scarred. Last night ABC 7 obtained footage that picks up where the original helmet camera-recorded video left off: Biker Reginald Chance is yanking Lien from the driver seat. What happens next is not pretty.

Once Lien is on the ground, the crowd of bikers surrounding his SUV dismount and swarm the bloodied man. They then proceed to beat the living daylights out of him, to the point where he is lying motionless face-down on the floor.

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While it’s all happening, Lien’s wife, Rosalyn, makes a run for it with their two-year-old child. She gets away just as the cameraman and a number of the bikers circle the car apparently looking for her..

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 23, 2013

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