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As far as underground metal bands go, Savannah, Georgia’s Kylesa have always been difficult to pin down. Since forming in 2001, the ever-mercurial group has drifted from playing the extra-angry hardcore-punk mutation known as “crust” into far trippier territory. They added a second heavy-hitting drummer to their lineup sometime in the mid-’00s, and expanded their sound with psych-rock influences shortly thereafter. Now, with the release of their sixth LP, Ultraviolet, this past May, they’ve metamorphosed once again into a more psychedelic, even somewhat death-rock-influenced gargantuan. The thing is, they’re able to pull it off without sounding like they’re pulling one over on their fans. That’s because even at their headiest, they always manage to sound heavy. With Pinkish Black, Sierra, and So Hideous.

Fri., Oct. 25, 8 p.m., 2013

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