Husband of Nechemya Weberman’s Accuser Is a Victim of a Death Threat


The husband of the Orthodox Jewish teen whose testimony was the lynchpin in the sexual assault case against a religious counselor in the Brooklyn Satmar Hasidic community received a death threat on his Facebook on Monday afternoon. Boorey Deutsch, whose wife was 12 years old when Nechemya Weberman began abusing her — abuse that would continue for three years — received a nasty comment regarding his wife’s role in landing Weberman a 103-year prison sentence.

In a rambling comment on a picture of Deutsch and his wife at their wedding, a “Ben Weiss” wrote:

I know my Jewish rights in the Shulchan Aruch the torah way that i am allowed to kill you and taht what i am going to do I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITHIN THE NEXT THREE YEARS you may be stronger than one thousand satmar people but not stronger than a gun bullet

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Deutsch’s wife testified in Weberman’s 2012 trial, detailing his repeated assaults on her between 2007 and 2010. Weberman was also suspected of assaulting up to 10 other women.

The case became a cause célèbre in the Orthodox Jewish community, not in the least because of just how rare it is for outgoing Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to bring charges against members of the community. Hynes’s soft approach with the Haredi and Hasidic communities is largely credited for his defeat in the Democratic primary in September.

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The threat is currently under investigation by the Brooklyn D.A.’s office, reports the New York Post.

The social media death threat is only the latest in the abuses piled on Deutsch and his wife (who declined to be interviewed for this article) have endured since Weberman’s conviction.

In September, a congregant at their synagogue in Williamsburg shouted, “Moser, out of the shul!” when they arrived for Rosh Hoshanah services. Prayers were stopped until the couple left.

Despite the threat, Deutsch is undaunted, saying that “[t]he hate comments and daily threats I get is the fuel that light my fire to continue this fight!” in an e-mail to Runnin’ Scared.

Below is a screen capture of the Facebook comment.

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