Anna Calvi


Among the women who dare lapse into the darkest, deepest parts of the psyche and emerge musically stronger, Anna Calvi has cut her own path through the jungley doom of melancholic sirens. Although she, of course, evokes comparisons to the obvious forerunners—Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, namely—it seems a disservice that whenever a woman strays into moody rock she’s ultimately pegged as a disciple of one or the other. On her latest album, out this October and titled One Breath, Calvi manages to weave her scruffy voice in and out of nuanced guitar licks and up into a throaty soprano that wraps itself around simple, cosmic lyrics. Expect to feel transported and frozen on the spot—Calvi has that thing you just know when you hear it.

Mon., Nov. 11, 9 p.m., 2013