Have flash mobs and Truman Show-y displays got you living in paranoia? Never fear; performance art phobias are a common ailment in city dwellers. That’s why we’re warning you about Performa 13. For the bulk of November, this visual art performance biennial will commission and showcase more than 100 new works. Forget rules or restrictions — selected artists will traffic in dance, installation, poetry, design, music, culinary arts, and pretty much every other medium imaginable. Many performances are site-specific, like LeRoi Jones’s Dutchman inside the Russian and Turkish Baths or Pawel Althamer’s public spectacle at Williamsburg’s Biba bar. The opening gala on November 1 sets the creativity flowing in the historic Moynihan Station and features cocktails, dinner, and a live auction followed by one very arty party indeed.

Mondays-Sundays, noon. Starts: Nov. 1. Continues through Nov. 24, 2013

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