Street Closures and Construction Embargoes for the New York City Marathon


The annual New York City Marathon is this weekend, which means any construction work occurring along the route has been suspended until after the race. The Department of Transportation will allow emergency work to go forward, but everything else is on hold until 11:59 p.m. on November 3. If you live anywhere there is an embargo, look forward to a weekend free of the racket of jackhammers and clanging metal.

The marathon passes through all five boroughs, starting on Staten Island then winding through Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx before landing in Central Park. Below is the list of streets affected by the embargo.

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Along with stopped construction, try to stay away from these stretches of road on Sunday. The city will close them at 8 a.m., and they won’t open again to car traffic until 6 p.m.

For updates and other traffic advisories check the Department of Transportation’s website.

Staten Island

Bay Street between Richmond Terrance and School Road
School Road between Bay Street and Staten Island Expressway

Brooklyn Route

Dahlgren Place between Verrazano Bridge and 92nd Street (northbound)
92nd Street between Dahlgren Place and Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue between 92nd Street and Flatbush Avenue
Flatbush Avenue between Fourth Avenue and Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn Queens Expressway (southbound) between Verrazano Bridge and 79th Street
Seventh Avenue between 79th and 75th streets / Bay Ridge Parkway
Seventh Avenue between 74th and 75th streets / Bay Ridge Parkway
74th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues
Sixth Avenue between 74th and 75th Street / Bay Ridge Parkway
Bay Ridge Parkway between Seventh and Fourth avenues
92nd Street between Gatling Place and Fort Hamilton Parkway
Fort Hamilton Parkway between 92nd and 94th streets
94th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Fourth Avenue (northbound)
Fourth Avenue between 94th Street and Flatbush Avenue (southbound)
Bedford Avenue between Lafayette and Nassau avenues
Nassau Avenue between Bedford Avenue / Lorimer Street and Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Avenue between Nassau and Greenpoint Avenues
Greenpoint Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and McGuiness Boulevard
McGuiness Boulevard between Greenpoint and 48th avenues
Pulaski Bridge (southbound)

Queens Route

Pulaski Bridge (southbound)
48th Avenue between 11th Street and Vernon Boulevard
Vernon Boulevard between 48th Avenue and 10th Street
10th Street between Vernon Boulevard and 44th Drive
44th Drive between 10th and Hunter streets
Hunter Street between 44th Drive and Crescent Street
Crescent Street between Hunter Street and Queens Plaza South
Queens Plaza South between Crescent and 23rd streets
23rd Street between Queens Plaza South and Queens Plaza North
Queensboro Bridge (eastbound)

Manhattan Route

Queensboro Bridge (Vehicle Entrance Ramp eastbound)
East 59th Street between 59th Street Bridge and First Avenue
First Avenue between East 59th Street and Willis Avenue Bridge
Madison Avenue Bridge

Bronx Route

Willis Avenue Bridge / Willis Avenue
East 135th Street between Willis and Alexander avenues
Alexander Avenue between East 135th and East 138th streets
East 138th Street between Alexander and Morris avenues
Morris Avenue between East 138th and East 140th streets
East 140th Street between Morris and Rider avenues
Rider Avenue between East 140th and East 138th streets
East 138th Street between Rider Avenue and Madison Avenue Bridge

Manhattan Route

Madison Avenue between East 138th and West 124th streets
West 124th Street between Madison Avenue and Mount Morris Park West
Mount Morris Park West between West 124th and West 120th streets
West 120th Street between Mount Morris Park West and Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue between West 120th and East 90th streets
East 90th Street between Fifth Avenue and East Drive (Central Park southbound)
East Drive between 90th Street and Central Park South
Central Park South between Fifth and Eighth avenues (Central Park West)
Central Park Driveway
West Drive (to finish at Tavern on the Green)

Family Reunion

Central Park West between Columbus Circle and 96th Street
61st to 65th streets between Central Park West and Broadway
66th to 72nd streets between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue
77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue
81st Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue
85th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue
Columbus Avenue between 85th Street and Broadway
Broadway between Columbus Avenue and Columbus Circle

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