Readers Discuss the Effects of SNAP Cuts


On Friday, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (or SNAP) absorbed a major revenue cut, impacting thousands of people who can’t afford enough food across the metro area and state. The benefit loss axes “about $319 in groceries per year — or $29 per month — from each family of three depending on the government program to put food on the table,” Deena Shanker reported, a consequence that drew hunger organizations from across the city to protest.

Readers took to the comments to discuss the cuts, debating each other over how much they really matter.

Says anonymous:

As someone who is ACTUALLY on food stamps, I can say that the cut is not that bad and completely manageable. I really wish white yuppies would stop feigning outrage in these matters; it only instills within the unwashed masses a greater sense of entitlement and hopelessness.

But progressivepride takes issue with that argument:

@anonymous It’s good to know that you are not negatively impacted by the reduction in federal assistance. Is that because you may be a family of one, who may eat at a friend or family member’s home occasionally; have a landlord who did not raise your rent; receive other economic assistance that may help absorb the reduction; or, other mitigating circumstance specific to your life? Explain, please, how these cuts are “manageable” across the board, and will not significantly impact the nutritional needs of children and the elderly who may not have the benefit of the same mitigating factors as you. Your ridiculous criticism aimed at “white yuppies … feigning outrage in these matters” unmasks your racism as the voices protesting the reductions are clearly spread across color lines and economic status.

Have personal experience with SNAP? Or additional thoughts on the issue? Join the conversation in the comments.