A Case of You Is a Disappointing Romantic Comedy


Apple spokesgeek Justin Long’s last major role was in Fox’s New Girl, where he played the “adorkable” Zooey Deschanel’s male counterpart. In A Case of You — presumably named after the Joni Mitchell song, though it’s never mentioned in the film — director Kat Coiro keeps Long penned up in a similar Hipster Land — specifically, the kind of all-white Brooklyn whose ubiquity in the media persists no matter how many critiques are leveled at it.

A Case of You is a disappointing romantic comedy that aspires to social relevance until the third act, when it settles for pat Freudian revelations. The script takes a hoary sitcom trope — a boy goes to great lengths to find out what the girl he’s smitten with likes so he can pretend to like those things, too — and takes it to its logical extreme.

Then it drops this storyline altogether to blame all the protagonist’s insecurities on one of his parents, because that’s how lazy writing works. Sam (Long) makes a living authoring novelizations of trashy movies like Teen Vampire: Revenge of the Baldroozens. He tries his best to impress a barista (of course) named Birdie Hazel (ugh), played by Evan Rachel Wood.

Birdie’s less a character than the quintessence of female nonthreateningness and a compendium of hobbies and interests; Sam is consumed by anxieties of insufficient coolness. Brief cameos by Sam Rockwell and Peter Dinklage are so magnificently hilarious it’s impossible not to feel embarrassed for them for being in this otherwise slick but drippy dreck.