James S. Oddo, Debi Rose, Steven Matteo, and Vincent Ignizio Elected in Staten Island


James S. Oddo was elected Staten Island borough president after serving as Middle Staten Island’s City Council member.

Staten Island is home to City Council Districts 49, 50, and 51. This year, all three seats were contested. Districts 49 and 51 had incumbents fighting to hold on to their seats, and the 50th District seat was left open by Oddo’s run for borough president. Oddo’s chief of staff, Steven Matteo, defeated Democrat John Mancuso in that race. Incumbents in both the 49th and 51st districts, Debi Rose and Vincent Ignizio, respectively, retained their seats.

Below are the full results of the both the borough president and City Council races for Staten Island.

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Borough President — 100 percent of precincts reporting
WINNER: James S. Oddo, Republican, Conservative Party, 69.8 percent (47,662 votes)
Louis L. Liedy, Democratic Party, Working Families Party, 29.1 percent (19,864 votes)
Henry J. Bardel, Green Party, 0.7 percent (460 votes)
Silas Johnson, Libertarian Party, 0.5 percent (323 votes)

City Council, 49th District
WINNER: Deborah Rose, Democratic Party, Working Families
Mark Macron, Republican, Conservative Party

City Council, 50th District
John Mancuso, Democratic Party, Working Families,
WINNER: Steven Matteo, Republican, Conservative, Independence Party

City Council, 51st District
WINNER: Vincent Ignizio, Republican, Conservative, Independence Party
Christopher Walsh, Democratic Party

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