Manhattan: Gale Brewer Elected Borough President, Cyrus Vance Reelected D.A., Plus City Council and Judge Results


Manhattan voters went with what they know this election. Gale Brewer, who has been a City Council member representing the Upper East Side since 2003, will be taking over as borough president when Scott Stringer heads to the comptroller’s office in January. District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. was reelected as well.

Here are the projections in those races, plus the results for City Council seats and Civil and Supreme Court benches in Manhattan.

Borough President
WINNER: Gale A. Brewer, Democratic Party: 86.4 percent
David B. Casavis, Republican Party, Independence Party, Libertarian
Party, Dump the Dump Party

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District Attorney
WINNER: Cyrus Vance Jr., Democratic Party, 85 percent
Peter J. Gleason, Republican Party

City Council, First District
WINNER: Margaret S. Chin, Democratic Party, Working Families Party

City Council, Second District
WINNER: Rosie Mendez, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Miles D. Budde, Green Party

City Council, Third District
WINNER: Corey D. Johnson, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Richard E. Stewart, Republican Party

City Council, Fourth District
WINNER: Daniel R. Garodnick, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Helene Jnane, Republican, Libertarian

City Council, Fifth District
WINNER: Ben Kallos, Democratic Party
David Garland Republican Party, Independent Party, Dump the Dump Party,
Liberal Party, Libertarian Party, Save 2nd Avenue Party
Micah Z. Kellner, Working Families Party

City Council, Sixth District
WINNER: Helen K. Rosenthal, Democratic Party
Harry DeMell, Republican Party
Marc A. Landis, Working Families Party
Thomas Siracuse, Green Party

City Council, Council District
WINNER: Mark D. Levine, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Christina Gonzalez , (Green Party

City Council, Eighth Council District
WINNER: Melissa Mark Viverito, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Ralina Cardona, Republican Party
Christopher R. Giattino, Libertarian

City Council, Ninth Council District
WINNER: Inez E. Dickens, Democratic Party

City Council, 10th Council District
WINNER: Ydanis A. Rodriguez, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
Ronnie Cabrera, Republican Party
Miguel Estrella, School Choice Party

Justice of the Supreme Court, First District
WINNER: Debra A. James, Democratic Party
WINNER: Anil C. Singh, Democratic Party
WINNER: Peter H. Moulton, Democratic Party
Pauline T. Mistretta, Republican Party

Judge of the Civil Court, New York
WINNER: Dakota Ramseur, Democratic Party
WINNER: Mary V. Rosado, Democratic Party
WINNER: John J. Kelley, Democratic Party
WINNER: Ann E. O’Shea, Democratic Party

New York City Civil Court, Second District
WINNER: Kathryn E. Freed
WINNER: Marcy S. Friedman
WINNER: Adam Silvera

New York City Civil Court, Fifth District
WINNER: Carol Sharpe

New York City Civil Court, Seventh District
WINNER: Denise Dominguez