Bless the Sufis, for whom music isn’t just a permissible spiritual practice — especially compared to the Islamic hardliners who would do away with it altogether — but mandatory. Born Fatemeh Vaezi, the 63-year-old Iranian singer known as
Parissa has transcended religious and
gender barriers to become one of the great champions of Sufi music in Iran. She was forced into silence after Iran’s 1979 revolution, but re-emerged to teach other females the traditional dastgah style based on Persian art music’s modal
system, singing centuries-old poetry by Hafez, Rumi, and Omar Khayyam. A
formidable improviser with a remarkable alto, Parissa appears here with the Dastan Ensemble: Hamid Motebassem (tar lute), Hossein Behroozinia (barbat lute), Saeed Farajpouri (kamanche fiddle), and percussionists Hamin Honari and Arjang Ataollahi.

Fri., Nov. 8, 8:30 p.m., 2013