Started From the Bottom Now We Here: That Time We Called Bill de Blasio One of the City’s Least Powerful People


Apropos of nothing much, we thought we’d show you an excerpt from our 100 Most Powerless New Yorkers issue, published January 11, 2012. No. 8 on that list? Bill de Blasio.

The list — which was ranked in no particular order, because who cares — placed our now mayor-elect alongside such august company as sanitation workers, pedicab drivers, Anthony Weiner (had a point there, though, didn’t we?) and power-mad Coney Island bathroom guards.

Here’s the full entry on BdB:

8. Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate
De Blasio is the holder of the most useless office in the city, a position so powerless, it was first held by Mark Green. Since it was created, its budget has been cut nearly in half, and there are repeated calls to abolish it altogether. And though second in line to succeed the mayor, no former occupant has yet to move into Gracie Mansion.

Nailed it. If you want us to pick some lucky numbers for you, just give us a ring; we’re kind of on a roll.

We also mentioned new Comptroller-elect Scott Stringer. However, that was in reference to his current job as Manhatttan borough president, which, in our defense, is still totally, utterly useless.

Feel free to check out a slideshow of our other powerless New Yorkers here. We’re standing by the rest of those, and doubling down on registered Republicans, security guards, and postal workers. Oh, and Eliot Spitzer. Obviously.