The Brew Inn Opens in Greenpoint Next Week


Martin Cyran’s parents ran a Polish restaurant on Greenpoint for years, serving a neighborhood of people who, like themselves, had immigrated here. But when that spot — called Happy End — shuttered, Cyran decided to take over the address, and he’s working on installing a restaurant he hopes will appeal to Greenpoint’s newest denizens.

“We were brainstorming what to do with the space, and we decided to celebrate the up-and-coming trend of U.S. craft beer,” an investor in the project explains. “We want to celebrate New York State craft beer. We have so many different breweries here, and the beer is just fantastic.”

And so the Brew Inn (924 Manhattan Avenue, 718-576-3345) was born.

The team installed 30 taps, and it put together a beer list that’s rooted almost entirely in New York City, though it ventured out to Long Island and upstate for a few selections as well. And though the Brew Inn won’t have a bottled beer list, it will sell beer in growlers, which can be stored in private lockers, and it’ll pour wine on tap, too. It’s also working on upgrading the liquor license so it can serve spirits.

The team drew wisdom from Jeff McInnis (a Top Chef contestant and chef at forthcoming Root & Bone), who sent apprentice Amy Cunningham to helm the kitchen. She’s put together what that investor describes as a “bistro menu … with a slight accent on bar food” that pays homage to the neighborhood. To wit, Polish staples like pierogis and kielbasa will make the board, mixed into an eclectic set of dishes that includes shrimp po’boys, grilled sardines, riblets, and a burger. “We want it to be very Brooklyn,” the investor explains.

Cyran headed up the redesign of the space, salvaging old materials from around the borough. The bar, he says, is made from old glass doors; decor details include antique lampposts, recycled tire frames, antique picture frames, and mosaics made from wood. “It’s unlike anything else in the area,” he promises.

The Brew Inn opens its doors next Thursday, November 14 and will be open for dinner and brunch.

Page through for a few photos.