YKWD Live – The Village Underground – 11/6/13


The dark and cave-like atmosphere of The Village Underground was the perfect venue to watch and listen to Robert Kelly record his YKWD (You Know What Dude) podcast. The guests for this live episode were Louis J. Gomez, Dan Soder, Kelly Fastuca, and the promise of two “special guests.” With an intimate audience, fans of the show came out to fill the room to capacity.

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Robert Kelly hit the stage and the crowd filled with his devotees went absolutely and appropriately nuts. He shouted, “Are you guys ready for this shit?” and then treated us to about 10 minutes of brilliant stand-up. At least, as brilliant as bits about how hot his balls get can be. Other topics covered included how sensitive he’s gotten since having kids and how much he loves his wife. Kelly didn’t disappoint, though he rarely does.

He then brought up Aussie native Kelly Fastuca, followed by Louis J. Gomez, Chris Scopo, and (the extremely hot) Dan Soder, all of whom killed with abbreviated sets. The time allotted them, though short, was a great way introduce them to the crowd before settling into the podcast panel with Kelly.

Once they got started, one of the biggest and most phenomenal acts working in New York, Jim Norton, was introduced as a special guest alongside Bailey Jay. The two took their seats and the rowdy crowd lit up.

If you are following along at this point, the YKWD podcast had seven people on stage and yet somehow, no one was talking over each other or fighting for mic time. The night was filled with dick jokes galore, and important questions were asked and answered: What is the appropriate amount of time for a BJ? How big is too big?

Cue the dildo.

For reasons still unclear (we’re not here to judge.), after an extended conversation about fellatio, Louis happened to have his own dildo on hand. Robert Kelly pulled out another and decided that Bailey and Louis should have a “BJ contest” and that is exactly what happened. Not sure how it’s all going to translate on the popcast proper, but live it was quite a sight to see: Louis doing his dutiful best to cram the whole thing in his mouth. Extremely X-rated, yes, but unquestionably entertaining. Louis humiliated himself
in the name of comedy, and it was superb. Everyone in the venue was incredibly pleased with what had just gone down. Literally.

Critical Bias: The line-up was a comedy lover’s dream especially if you are into the NY comedy scene. You can never go wrong when Jim Norton graces a stage and even though he mentioned that he was exhausted from taking a red-eye flight back into town, he still delivered some of the biggest laughs of the night on the panel.

Overheard:: “Wow. Bailey is so fucking hot! I don’t care if she does have a dick, I’d totally fuck her.”

Random notebook dump: One of the funniest moments came at the end of the night when comedian Rich Vos came into the venue early (he was on the next show) and walked across the stage from out of nowhere. Vos asked Robert, “What is going on here?” Robert said, “Would you believe me if I told you? I mean, we just had a dick sucking contest.” Vos didn’t miss a beat and said, “So I guess Norton won?”

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