Where to Grab a Late Night Bite Near Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival


The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is upon us, and if you’re hitting the dance floor this weekend, you might want a little late night grub after the shows end. We’ve got you covered. Herewith, five restaurants plus a 24-hour option within walking — or dancing — distance that serve good food until very, very late.

Maison Premiere, 298 Bedford Avenue, 347-335-0446
Not far from the Bedford L Stop, you’ll find this perennial popular absinthe house and oyster lair, which keeps its bar open until 4 a.m. If you’re feeling peckish, you can order the full dinner menu until 1 a.m. — and slurp oysters until 2.

Spritzenhaus, 33 Nassau Avenue, 347-987-4632
If you end your night at Brooklyn Bowl and you’re not ready for the party to be over, you might skip up to Spritzenhaus, where you can suck down beers (German or local) and fill up on sausages, fries, and pretzels. If you’re not hammered beyond all loss of coordination, try your hand at Jenga.

Fatty ‘Cue, 91 South 6th Street, 718-599-3090
Not far from Glasslands and 285 Kent — and especially convenient if you’re hiking over to the J Train or biking back to the city via the Williamsburg Bridge — is Fatty ‘Cue (91 South 6th Street). This spot is open until 2 a.m., and it rolls out a late night menu perfect for tempering the effects of drinking and, um, other escapades at midnight.

The Commodore, 366 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-218-7632
This spot’s a bit of a hike from the venues close to the waterfront, but it’s worth the journey (you’ll presumably be floating on a cloud of music-fueled euphoria, anyway, so what do you care?). You’ll want to get here especially if you’re craving nachos — The Commodore’s version made our list of especially good platters in the city earlier this week. Have a cheeseburger, a fried chicken platter, or — oh, what the hell — another drink while you’re at it.

Diner, 85 Broadway, 718-486-3077
Maybe you’d like to really get into a full meal rather than a late-night snack. If you’re near the southern venues, head on over to Diner, where you can follow your braised beef tongue appetizer with a filet of red snapper until 1 a.m. Pair your meal, perhaps, to a fancy cocktail or a bottle of wine.

Need something, but you’ve partied so long that even the bars have closed? Try the Tacos Morelos taco stand at North 7th and Bedford.