David Golson, Man Stripped by 7-Eleven Workers in Viral Video Scuffle over Snickers Bar, Sues Store


The video, posted on in October 2012, begins with a scuffle inside a Brooklyn 7-Eleven. The sound of breaking glass and stomping feet. Two men in red uniforms are grabbing another man by the collar of his blue shirt. He tries to squirm away and out the door, but the 7-Eleven employees are persistent.

“I don’t have nothin’ else!” the man in blue, 29-year-old David Golson, yells. “Relax, man! Why you fightin’ me?!”

There is confusion, a blur of bodies and struggle. Next thing you know, Golson is now wearing only boxers and sneakers. Three 7-Eleven employees are holding him from all sides.

A few patrons in the store gather to watch the spectacle, laugh, and pop in some snarky comments.

“This is ridiculous! For some damn Snickers?!” says the man holding the camera. “This shit better be a million dollars!”

Golson will find out. Last week, a year after the video went viral and Golson was charged with robbery, he filed a lawsuit against the 7-Eleven.

The complaint, filed Wednesday in Bronx Supreme Court, called the incident a “violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault … completely disproportionate to what they were accusing him of: stealing a candy bar.”

Golson denied it, the suit states, and “attempted to leave the store peacefully.” In their efforts to detain him, the suit adds, the employees “bit” him in addition to pulling his clothes off.

A couple of days after the incident, the Daily News reported that police arrested Golson and charged him with robbery, assault, criminal mischief and criminal possession of stolen property. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office has not yet responded to our inquiry into the status of that case.

The Daily News article also noted that 7-Eleven fired one of the employees involved in the scuffle and ordered the other two to retake a safety and security training course.

The complaint lists as defendants 7-Eleven Inc. and Junaid Raza, the property’s landlord. It accuses the employees of assault and battery, and claims that their actions led to “serious physical and psychological injuries.”

“The media attention resulting from the extensive coverage of the incident and the widespread dissemination of images showing [Golson] stripped almost naked have caused [Golson] to suffer severe humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress from which he may never recover,” it states.

Page through for the text of the complaint and the video.


Golson v. 7-11.pdf by asamahavv

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