Readers: More of the Best Restaurants in Harlem, 2013


Zachary Feldman’s list of the 10 best restaurants in Harlem went up yesterday, and it pays homage to new and old spots, touting everything from fried chicken to ramen to Ethiopian food. But Harlem is a vast place, and so many readers weighed in on the round-up, calling out additional spots they believe should have made the cut.

Marla A Powell recommends Yatenga, Nikki M. Mascali says Harlem Tavern is worth checking out, and Joe Sombrotto offers Rao’s in East Harlem.

Then there’s this from ccnyc86:

I definitely have to agree that Jin Ramen is one of the best places in the Harlem area 😀

And this from Bel Lopez:

Blogger, please! That natty fried fish/hot dog place on the same block as the marshalls??! Ew!

That fried fish place, by the way, would be Fishers of Men II, Feldman’s number one pick for its fried fish sandwiches and Papaya King-style hot dogs.

Have an opinion on the list? Or know of other spots people should be venturing to? Join the conversation in the comments.