A months-long, vendetta-settling voyage to track the great white whale is still the most badass career move we can think of, though sadly no longer a viable lifestyle option. But even if the land-weary Ishmaels among us can no longer hop the Pequod for a spearing good time, we can at least revisit the madness and the monster. Thar She Blows: Whale Tales, Sea Shanties, and More Melvillainy condenses all things nautical into one comprehensive variety show celebrating the anniversary of Moby-Dick’s publication in 1851. Amy Virginia 
Buchanan performs classic and contemporary songs of the sailor, Brigid Harmon 
discusses her three-week experiment living the whaler’s life in Nantucket, and Nick Douglas presents a special preview of Moby-Dick: The Sitcom, among other readings and presentations. There will also be games, trivia, and much cavorting over New England clam chowder by Littleneck Brooklyn and hearty ale by Harpoon 

Fri., Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 2013