Some People Don’t Mind Strangers Falling Asleep on Them in the Subway [VIDEO]


A few weeks ago, a picture of a young man sleeping on a much older one on the subway went kinda sorta viral-ish. A group going by Charidy — a demonic presence masquerading as a charitable giving start-up — made a video to show the world that there are in fact plenty of people willing to sacrifice personal space for a random stranger on public transportation. To which we say: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

The video shows a scruffy man faking falling asleep on strangers, eventually finding subway commuters who let him lean on his shoulder.The video tries to elicit good feelings — a big ol’ dawwww — but really, it takes everything we’ve got to muffle our collective screams here in the Village Voice newsroom. Caring about one’s private space is not a New York thing; it’s a sensible human being thing. If we could have it our way, the city would require subway riders to wear teflon unitards.