Where To Get Your Farm-To-Table Turkey in NYC


T-two weeks until Turkey Day, which means it’s (probably past) time to start thinking about, well, turkey, especially if you’re hoping to nab a sustainably raised bird that’s neither mass-produced nor factory-farmed. We’ve compiled a list of local butchers and grocers selling organic, heritage, and pastured fowl. Best reserve now — these are bound to sell out soon (and we’ve warned you here of spots where that’s particularly true).

Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats, 192 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-398-6666,
South Brooklynites have probably already heard of Fleisher’s, which opened its Park Slope outpost in 2011. If you want one of the shop’s heritage turkeys — a specially commissioned combination of Bourbon Red and White Holland raised at Hidden Camp Farm in Canajoharie, New York — call pronto. The market only ordered 400, and they’re already flying – forgive the cheesy pun! – out of the door. Call Mona, resident turkey goddess, at 845-338-6666 and dial 8. The birds are $7.50 per pound.

The Meat Hook, 100 Frost Street, Brooklyn, 718-349-5033,
This artisanal Williamsburg butcher shop is offering fully pastured, non-GMO fed, Broad Breasted White turkeys from Oink & Gobble Farms in Interlaken, New York. Place your order online with a $50 deposit, and be sure to pick it up as soon as it’s ready. Turkeys are $6.99 per pound.

Harlem Shambles, 2141 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, 646-476-4650,
In addition to their regular selection of beef, pork, poultry, and lamb, brothers Tim and Mark Forrester will stock special turkeys just for the holiday at this lauded Harlem butcher shop. The Broad Breasted Whites are from the Animal Welfare-approved Autumns Harvest Farms in Romulus, New York; the birds are pasture-raised, hormone-free, and rotationally grazing. Tim describes them as “really good birds, really well-raised.” Place your order fast, though — at last count, there were only 25 birds left. Turkeys are $7 per pound.

Vincent’s Meat Market, 2374 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, 718-295-9048
Vincent’s is an old school butcher and has been cutting up meats in the Bronx since after World War II. Every meat in the shop is a prime grade, and for Thanksgiving, the market will be offering organic turkeys brought in from Pennsylvania. Call to place your order, and make sure it’s no less than a week in advance. Turkeys are $3.99 to $4.49 per pound.

Whole Foods, 95 East Houston Street/10 Columbus Circle/808 Columbus Avenue
If you’re hoping to do all of your Thanksgiving grocery shopping in one place this year, then skip the butcher shops and head for Whole Foods. Shoppers can view turkey options and order online, whether they’re looking for something pasture-raised, certified organic, heritage, local, or even hand-brined, oven-ready, boneless, or cooked. Just pick the preferred store, and place your order for pick-up. Prices vary.

Kol Foods,, 888-366-3565
Kosher New Yorkers can order their free-roaming, hormone- and antibiotic-free turkeys online from Kol Foods — and rest assured that the birds are OU approved as well. Just make sure you order your bird by the 19th; it’ll be shipped frozen and need time to arrive and thaw to be ready for the big day. Turkeys are $8.65 per pound plus shipping. (Unless you’re a member of the Manhattan Buyer’s Club, in which case shipping is free.)