OddFellows Rolls out New Sundaes; Gets Orgasmic


OddFellows Ice Cream Co. (175 Kent Avenue, 347-599-0556) turns out innovative scoop after innovative scoop, but we’ve become particularly enamored of the seasonal special sundaes. This past summer, the shop offered a cornbread sundae with blueberries and bacon whipped cream. Now there’s a pair of the treats worth making a trip to the shop for: a beer sundae featuring Brooklyn Brewery suds and a popcorn sundae topped with creme caramel and caramelized popcorn.

For the beer-tastic sundae, the proprietors of OddFellows joined forces with the local brewery to create two ice cream flavors and a beer foam. The shop scoops Brooklyn Brewery black chocolate stout ice cream, Brooklyn Brewery Local 2 ale ice cream, and OddFellows signature pretzel ice cream into a frosted mug and then tops the dairy with chocolate-covered pretzels and wheat beer foam.

“We wanted to do something seasonal without it being too obvious,” chef-owner Sam Mason says. “Fall made me think of football and beer, and we were talking to our friends at Brooklyn Brewery, and they were super enthusiastic about collaborating on a beer sundae.”

As for the popcorn sundae, Mason explains, “Fall also makes me think of watching movies for some reason, and what’s more synonymous with movies than popcorn? Also both sundaes lend themselves to being sweet and a bit savory, which I like.”

Store manager Marissa Rutka directed a promotional video for both sundaes that is sure to stir up some excitement, pitting OddFellow sundae eaters toe to toe with Meg Ryan’s infamous When Harry Met Sally deli moment.

“I wanted to do something fun and a little odd to keep with the OddFellows spirits but also pay homage to a classic pop culture reference particular to New York,” says Rutka. “OddFellows is a New York ice cream shop with twists on classic flavors. When Harry Met Sally is a classic New York movie — it also happens to be one of my favorites of all time — and I wanted to put a twist on the famous deli scene with the twist being that the person isn’t faking the orgasm and that everyone actually wants to ‘have what she’s having,’ i.e. our sundae, because, yes, OddFellows’ sundaes are that good.”

The Sundaes as presented by OddFellows from OddFellows Ice Cream Co. on Vimeo.

Run out to OddFellows to get a taste of what they’re having. Both sundaes are only available for a limited time.

Oh, and just in time for the upcoming feasting holiday, OddFellows is also rolling out a special Thanksgiving ice cream cake with layers of spiced pumpkin ice cream, brown butter cake, pumpkin cheesecake, and graham crackers, all sprayed with chocolate and garnished with seasoned pumpkin seeds. So if you’re looking for a pie alternative, this is a good one.


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