Two Men Were Hurt At the New York Jets – Buffalo Bills Game When One Fell From the Nosebleed Section [VIDEO]


So you’re at a Bills-Jets game and your stuck in the nosebleeds. Shucks, wouldn’t it be nice if you were closer to the action? Binoculars might help. Or sidling up to the 50-yard line and standing there till someone notices. If you’re desperate, maybe shell out the cash for an upgrade!

Not in this list, you’ll notice, is sliding down the railing of the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo like it’s the staircase of a high school in the ’90s. Two men were injured at the Bills-Jets game this weekend, when one of them, presumably high on the collective effervescence of a major sporting event, slid down the side of the third deck, lost control, and landed on a bystander below.

At around the 00:15 mark our friend mounts the railing, mere seconds away from glory. By 00:22 comes a gorgeous dismount onto people sitting in slightly less terrible seats below.

The falling man sustained a non-life-threatening shoulder injury, while the man he hit received a head injury, according to the Post.

The name of the falling man is not yet known — the Voice would prefer his address so we can ship him his medal.

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